Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York Fashion Week Fall 2010

It is that time again for Fashion Week in New York City. An exciting time when all the fashion mavens of the world flock to our beloved city to celebrate/debut new collections, new inspiration, and new style.  Meanwhile we are busy seeing patients in the hospital hallways.  The good news is... 80% percent of our time we are wearing scrubs, which means that 20% of the time we can wear whatever we want.  Our work wardrobe costs are low, so we can maximize the rest of it on fashion fabulousness!
    September 9-16, 2010

Stay tuned for Fashion Week news in case you are post-call and are able to attend some of the events! HOSPITALstyle will feature some new fall street wear looks for you to rock on the street on the way to the hospital, or on your night off out on the town.

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