Friday, September 3, 2010

And who are you wearing to the HOSPITAL?

So fashion designers have a new market and it is that of patients in hospitals everywhere.  Instead of the typical question "So what are you here for?" it will now be more like "And who are you wearing?" Please check your Louis Vuitton bag at the door... but no worries it can be traded for a Diane Von Furstenberg designer hospital gown. No this is not the Oscars, this is not your wedding, this is not the fundraising event of the year.  It is time for your colonoscopy.  At least you will look fabulous while you get that rectal exam you have always wished for.  After all, you should dress your best for all big moments in life.  I am not sure if it will take off, but I guess I should support it. After all this blog is titled HOSPITALstyle and I suppose that is all DVF is trying to bring to Cleveland.

Take a look.....

Looks like a modified wrap dress if you ask me.
Would you wear a designer hospital gown?

A special thanks to Dr. Roberson for bringing this to my attention!


  1. I would so rock this if I had to be on a 1:1. The green gowns are amazing ;-) Take up the hem, slap on a camel colored belt and don your boots. Anyone up for some mojitos???!

  2. I thought these would be perfect for 1:1 watch too! They look awfully similar. Maybe we should look at the gown label..