Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Quintessential Doctor's Bag

On any given day we doctors need to carry many things with us. Some we stuff into the pockets of our white coats, some into our scrubs, and even around our necks. However, as we are attending to our patient's needs and the situations that arise in front of us, many things tend to get lost or displaced in the process. Our mobility is essential to our scope of practice in traveling to different floors of the hospital, to many different rooms, to the cafeteria, to our offices. This creates an organizational challenge. And what happens if we forget something like a tuning fork, a reflex hammer, or even a pen? It slows us down. So my proposal is that we bring back the doctor's bag.

There are many options out there and your preference can dictate which might be best for you, I use a Land's End bag during my shifts in the emergency department. It is large and I leave it in my locker when I am away and it houses books, notes, my stethoscope, a head lamp for foreign body removal, my pharmacopeia, and my procedure log among other things. Overall, I love having a carry-all that creates space for anything I might need throughout a shift.

Here are some other options-

S25214 QTVR

(The Specialist Bag 127.50)
For the old school classic go to

(Jack Spade, Linen Plaid York Brief 192.50)
For stylish totes for the adventurous and fashion savy doc go to

(L.L. Bean Signature Bag, 189.00)
For a more rustic leather style visit
(Land's End Tote, 20.50)
For a functional yet stylish bag go for the very basic (can get your name monogrammed on the bag for an additional 5.00)

Just a few ideas to create more organization, more flare, and more old-school charm to your HOSPITALstyle.

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