Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Fashion Trends

The Streets of NYC have been full of fashion this week with the slightly cooler weather. College football bars are packed with fans watching games, and ladies are beginning to debut their boots. This can only mean one thing... fall is here! Here are two of my favorite new fall trends.

The toggle coat/sweater (I prefer to call them Sabre-tooth button coats) is a rustic overlay to whatever your outfit might be. Also the boots with knee-high socks. I prefer this look with short boots, but it can still be rocked with mid-length boots as well.

These looks aren't exactly suitable for the hospital hallways, but take advantage of my two new favorite fall trends on the weekends and your days full of OUT of the HOSPITALstyle.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fashion's Night Out of the HOSPITAL

Hope you were able to partake in the second annual Fashion's Night Out! It was difficult to find a taxi in the city, and that can only mean one thing... Lots of people were out and about. Thankfully I had the night off from the hospital and was able to attend a couple of great events on Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue.  The streets of New York were full of style. A special thanks to my friends (Sing, Courtney and Jo), to Lauren Hutton for her fabulous talk about all her adventures and to the managers, the PR team and staff at the Armani store on Fifth Avenue for all the hospitality!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion's Night Out...A reason to shop!

If you are like me, you do not need a good reason to shop. But if you do tonight is the night. This is the second annual event that was thought up by Vogue editor Anna Wintour in hopes to re-inspire the community at large and to get us excited about fashion post-recession. A percentage of the proceeds of the Fashion's Night Out Apparel with go to the New York City AIDS Fund.

Check out the collection here.

This event creates a buzz in the city that never sleeps and a great way to kick off fashion week.  Go to the following website to plan out your evening.
Stores will have discounts, DJ's, food, wine, and there will be leaders in the Fashion Industry all about so keep your eyes open for a run in with Michael Kors or other top designers and the celebrities who love their clothes.

Founded in 1989, the New York City AIDS Fund (the AIDS Fund) has successfully increased private funding to fight the AIDS epidemic and the spectrum of HIV illness at the community level and strives to improve the coordination and targeting of those resources in the City.  It is dedicated to helping community groups provide vital programs and implement advocacy efforts that address the local HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

I am starting in Soho around 5 pm and then heading uptown to some events on Madison Avenue later on.  Hope to see you and your out of the HOSPITALstyle there!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York Fashion Week Fall 2010

It is that time again for Fashion Week in New York City. An exciting time when all the fashion mavens of the world flock to our beloved city to celebrate/debut new collections, new inspiration, and new style.  Meanwhile we are busy seeing patients in the hospital hallways.  The good news is... 80% percent of our time we are wearing scrubs, which means that 20% of the time we can wear whatever we want.  Our work wardrobe costs are low, so we can maximize the rest of it on fashion fabulousness!
    September 9-16, 2010

Stay tuned for Fashion Week news in case you are post-call and are able to attend some of the events! HOSPITALstyle will feature some new fall street wear looks for you to rock on the street on the way to the hospital, or on your night off out on the town.

Friday, September 3, 2010

And who are you wearing to the HOSPITAL?

So fashion designers have a new market and it is that of patients in hospitals everywhere.  Instead of the typical question "So what are you here for?" it will now be more like "And who are you wearing?" Please check your Louis Vuitton bag at the door... but no worries it can be traded for a Diane Von Furstenberg designer hospital gown. No this is not the Oscars, this is not your wedding, this is not the fundraising event of the year.  It is time for your colonoscopy.  At least you will look fabulous while you get that rectal exam you have always wished for.  After all, you should dress your best for all big moments in life.  I am not sure if it will take off, but I guess I should support it. After all this blog is titled HOSPITALstyle and I suppose that is all DVF is trying to bring to Cleveland.

Take a look.....

Looks like a modified wrap dress if you ask me.
Would you wear a designer hospital gown?

A special thanks to Dr. Roberson for bringing this to my attention!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

HOW TO survive the ER

I see it every day. The crowds. The chaos. The waiting. The emotion. The absurd environment that could only come from a place where you can literally walk in from the street and into the emergency department. This place is my home and these people are my best friends and family.  And then there are the patients (for whom we do what we do). I think all of these things about the emergency department and it is my home. What do they think of my home? They probably think it is somewhere they hope to never return.  I decided to come up with a HOW TO GUIDE of surviving a visit to the EMERGENCY ROOM.
  • If you are having an emergency please come to the ER
  • If it is something you are scared might be dangerous/life-threatening it is our job to verify that
  • If you have a cold, stay home and get some rest
  • If you are on medications, please bring a list of them with you
  • If you have allergies to medications please let everyone know
  • Bring a book, magazine, blanket, laptop to occupy yourself
  • Expect to wait a very long time (then you can be surprised if it is fast)
  • Expect us to disappear (we constantly assess who is in MORE immediate need of our attention, this is not based on popularity, but on severity of condition)
  • There will be a lot of noise, so bring ear plugs or an ipod
  • If you cannot find us we are probably in one of three places (bathroom, snarfing our lunch, or in a resuscitation room tending to a very sick patient)
  • You will have some entertainment from your fellow patients (expect the unexpected)
  • We might not let you eat or drink (in case you need a procedure) We do this for YOUR safety.
  • You will see us laugh, and joke, and seem quite relaxed at times but it is because we have learned to function as normal in this CRAZY environment
  • You might feel as if our time with you is short. We would like to have more time with you and be interrupted less, but that is the nature of dealing with emergencies (they are never at a good time, and never expected)
  • It is a pleasure to be your doctor
  • Thank you for visiting my home