Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Gift for a Doctor you know...

 It is that time of year again, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, filled with anticipation and holiday parties. Meanwhile, there are even more patients in the hospital and you are working extra hard with the hope that you will have at least one of the holidays with your family and not on call in an intensive care unit. What do you do with little time to shop? I think that for many of us, online shopping is really the way to go. And for the doctor-(friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister/brother, mother/father, son/daughter, fiancee, not really defined colleague) in your life I have the perfect no-fail HOSPITALstyle approved x-mas present.

Buy them a pair of TOMS shoes to wear with their scrubs!

The story behind TOMS (shoes for tomorrow) is that their founder Blake Mycoskie after a trip to Argentina decided to form a company that is socially driven by the concept ONE for ONE. He designed a shoe inspired by the traditional alpargata shoe in Argentina and decided that for every shoe he sells, that he will give away one pair to a child in need around the world.

I have had a pair of TOMS for 3 years and love wearing them with my scrubs. I have given them as gifts and they are always a BIG hit! We spend our lives helping people on a daily basis within hospital hallways, so why not help one more child while shopping for Christmas presents.

TOMS shoes website

TOMS shoes are good for the sole and integrate a great cause into your HOSPITALstyle. They prevent injury to feet, prevent disease, and allow kids around the world to go to school in shoes. The perfect Christmas gift for the doctor you love!

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