Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A reason to celebrate: glassybaby

Our days are filled with moments. Working in a hospital is a constant reminder of how precious our moments can be. Each day is a blessing and a chance to make the world better. Live. Laugh. Love. Dream. Do. Smile.

The many moments between milestones are worth a celebration.

The ones that lead us to: Finishing MCAT. Getting into medical school. Passing USMLE 1. Passing USMLE 2. Graduating. Matching into a residency. Passing USMLE 3. Graduating. Passing Boards. Fellowship. Graduating. And all the engagements, weddings, children, birthdays, and holidays in between.

I recently stumbled upon glassybaby.  Started by Lee Rhodes, cancer survivor, who found her healing in glass. She and her company has since made $884,825.24 in contributions from sales.

Used as cocktail glasses for parties (and even rented for events).
Used as candle holders, etc.

Next time you have something worth celebrating, check out glassybaby. celebrate and bring goodwill to others at the same time. 

Cheers to you and your moments.

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