Thursday, March 17, 2011

When you aren't a Chef

Our daily lives are full of books, patients, and eating in hospital cafeterias. If you are like me, unless you have a huge passion for cooking, it does not happen that often. I buy groceries and then find them weeks later when I emerge from a string of night shifts in the Emergency Dept. The milk is usually past expiration date and the fruit beginning to go bad. A lot of times it makes more sense to just order take out.

This past week I had some extra time and decided that I was going to cook a great meal one night. I perused cookbooks and recipes to no avail. Until I came upon Jessica Seinfeld's website . It is comprised of simple recipes and videos giving step by step instructions for easy meals.

Check out this video on HOW TO MAKE HALIBUT:

 One of the reasons I went into medicine is because I love procedures. Preparing a meal is just like a procedure. However, I found that the thing that is missing in most cookbooks is visual stimuli. I found the videos made by Jessica Seinfeld to be just what I needed to bring the fun into cooking.

My Meal: Chilean Sea Bass (they were out of Halibut), Sweet Potato Coins, Green Beans with Toasted Almonds
Cost: 45 dollars
Time: 1 hour

I was so shocked at how well it came out! Give it a try...

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