Monday, November 15, 2010

A 15 minute Workout fit for medical residents

We preach to our patients on a daily basis that an exercise regimen is an essential element to living a healthy life. I have partnered with my good friend and fitness model Amanda Russell to bring easy to do workouts to the medical community. Having competed in marathons and triathlons prior to residency, I know find that my workout is the first thing to go on an extensive to do list (on my days outside of the hospital). I no longer have time for the endurance workouts I have done in the past. Amanda's entire fitness message (The AR Program) is about achieving a runner's body without running all the miles.  Having worked out with her on many occasions I have come to agree with her vision of quality over quantity. Check out this video on a 15 minute rejuvination workout, that any resident can make time for. Also check out her website at Glad to have a workout that can keep me and my HOSPITALstyle in shape. Thanks Amanda!

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  1. Kristin! After watching you firsthand go through medical school and now residency, time is of the essence! I am a firm believer you can get more out of 35 min or less workouts than you can with may 70+ min workouts, it's all about the quality of the workout. I hope you find this video helpful!

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