Thursday, July 8, 2010

HOSPITALstyle on Attitude

With the new year on the horizon, I reflect on my intern year with a lot of hours under my belt. I certainly learned a lot, made new friends, and hopefully helped some people along the way. That is the point of this all right? I think it all boils down to one trait that can make you or break you as a resident. Attitude. It is reflected in how you speak with your patients, in how you speak with your colleagues, in the sacrifices you make, in the way that you approach each day and each new challenge that is revealed. Attitude dictates your work ethic and what you bring to your hospital. Is it with a willing smile? or with a grumble along the way? It is not an easy task to work a lot of hours in very intense environments without a few moments of discouragement and an imperfect attitude. However, if you make it a goal to dictate your attitude everyday you will be a positive force in whichever hospital corner you keep. Work on!

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  1. You really hit it on the head, and ATTITUDE doesn't just pertain to work it pertains to life. Great Blog!