Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HOSPITALstyle in Spanish

The current statistics in the United States stand that over 34 million people speak Spanish as their primary language. Obviously areas like California, New Mexico, Texas, New York City and Miami are more heavily populated with Spanish speakers. I have had a lifelong obsession with the Spanish language. This all began with speaking to Taxi drivers while vacationing with my family in Mexico as a kid. This turned into much travel in Latin America and obtaining degrees in Spanish and International Studies (concentration on Latin America) in college. It was a big dream of mine to combine my love of medicine and Spanish one day.

That day is NOW and I find that being able to speak Spanish is such an advantage in the Emergency department at my hospital and in any healthcare environment. This is why I am making a commitment to you all to better our communication in our hospitals in SPANISH.

This will be the first of many postings of Spanish phrases and vocabulary words that are essential and helpful in any area and in doing any task throughout your hospital and mine.

I will be better. You will be better. Our patient’s care will be better.

Vámos! (Let’s Go!)


Hi. How are you? (Hola. Como esta usted?)

How are you feeling? (Como se siente?)

What is your name? (Cual es tu nombre?)

My name is doctor (Mi nombre es doctor/doctora ______ )

It is nice to meet you. (Me da mucho gusto conocerlo.)

How can I help you? (Como puedo ayudarle?)

What brings you in today? (Que lo trae por aquí?)

Do you have any allergies? (Usted tiene alergias a medicina?)

What medications do you take? (Que medicina toma?)

Do you have any medical problems? (Usted tiene problemas de salud?)

Where do you have pain? (Donde le duele?)


El derecho (Right)

El izquierdo (Left)

El cuerpo (Body)

El dolor (Pain)

La medicina (Medicine)

La mujer (Woman)

El hombre (Man)

El apellido (Last name)

Muchas Gracias (Thank you)

De nada (You’re welcome)

Por Favor (Please)

La enfermera (Nurse)

Email me if you need any help with pronunciation. HOSPITALstyle@gmail.com

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