Friday, February 8, 2013

A Doctor's Touch

The life of a doctor is filled with new people, new patients. Every person encountered has their own hopes, dreams, dissapointments, and problems.  When I was an undergraduate student and volunteering @ a free health clinic (Health for Friends) in Norman, OK,  I worked with a doctor who taught me an invaluable lesson. She explained to me that every patient needs attention, "Don't be afraid to lay a hand on their shoulder" she said.  There is healing in physical touch.

Each physical exam we perform is a ritual between doctor and patient that has been done for ages. In this ritual there lies hope, trust, and vulnerability. 

Abraham Verghese would agree. Check out his TED talk here:

A special thanks to friend and colleague, Dr. Melissa Ordenes in Miami, Florida for passing it along!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Superstorm Sandy Medical Volunteer Opportunities

New York City was hit hard by Sandy. Cheers to NYU for a successful hospital evacutation.

See below for ways to help.

NYC Medical Reserve Corps:
Due to damage resulting from Hurricane Sandy, there is an immediate need for licensed or certified health professionals to volunteer at New York City shelters, including physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and licensed mental health providers.

Please register for the NYC Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) on line at:

(Membership in MRC provides indemnification under General Municipal Law section 50K against malpractice for all activities with MRC)

American Red Cross:

HOSPITALstyle supports all of those who have already helped out! You all rock.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mistakes that Doctors Make

This is an amazing TED talk by Dr. Brian Goldman about medical culture and the presence of mistakes in medicine. I applaud his direct and humble chat on the subject.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

South Africa: Trauma Elective

Elective: Trauma
Location: Cape Town
Hospital: Tygerberg (University of Stellenbosch)
Affiliate: University of Cape Town Emergency Medicine

Trauma: Tygerberg Hospital
This experience was amazing. I spent the month of March living in Cape Town, South Africa.  I lived in Camps Bay just below the Twelve apostles and Table Mountain National Park. I went running on old Jeep Trails and hiking on Table Mountain.

 I worked nights in the trauma front room @ Tygerberg which received all traumas including stab wounds, gun shot wounds, motor vehicle accidents, burn victims.

Many cases came from the nearby township: Khayelitsha.

I also spent some time working in the township itself.  A brand new hospital (Khayelitsha District Hospital) within the township was opened in February 2012.

I was very impressed with the South African medical system. The trauma surgeons and EM residents that I worked with were very competent and their patients received high quality care rooted in ATLS standards.

with my friend Khalid (an EM resident @ Univ. of Cape Town)

The sheer volume of cases was great for learning: Intubations. Central Lines. Chest Tubes.

The Emergency Medicine service offers the opportunity to participate in transport medicine on the helicopters and in the ambulances.

Khayelitsha District Hospital

It was in my opinion a dream location for an elective.

I made some great friends that I hope to keep in contact with for years to come.

I had experiences that will stay with me throughout my medical career.

I fell back in love with medicine South Africa.

contact: Rachel Pullen

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A reason to celebrate: glassybaby

Our days are filled with moments. Working in a hospital is a constant reminder of how precious our moments can be. Each day is a blessing and a chance to make the world better. Live. Laugh. Love. Dream. Do. Smile.

The many moments between milestones are worth a celebration.

The ones that lead us to: Finishing MCAT. Getting into medical school. Passing USMLE 1. Passing USMLE 2. Graduating. Matching into a residency. Passing USMLE 3. Graduating. Passing Boards. Fellowship. Graduating. And all the engagements, weddings, children, birthdays, and holidays in between.

I recently stumbled upon glassybaby.  Started by Lee Rhodes, cancer survivor, who found her healing in glass. She and her company has since made $884,825.24 in contributions from sales.

Used as cocktail glasses for parties (and even rented for events).
Used as candle holders, etc.

Next time you have something worth celebrating, check out glassybaby. celebrate and bring goodwill to others at the same time. 

Cheers to you and your moments.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Life-saving iphone App

When an emergency happens, usually you go to the nearest hospital. However, not all people realize that certain hospitals are better than others for strokes, heart attacks, trauma etc.

There is a new iphone app that is a MUST download for 2012.
The Emergency Medical Center Locator.

EMCL allows you to find the best centers in over 100 countries that specialize in cardiac, stroke, pediatric, eye and burn cases.

 Check out more information in the article featured in USA Today.

Don't forget to tell your friends, family, and patients to download this new life-saving app.